St. Nicholas: Scribners Illustrated Magazine for Girls & Boys Vol. V 1877 - 1878

This is Volume V, bound, of St. Nicholas: Scribners Illustrated Magazine for Girls & Boys Nov. 1877 - Nov. 1878. The mag. continues games, puzzles, fiction and non-fiction stories, and lots of illustrations, written for young readers. Many stories are clearly meant to be "read to" young children.
The cover of this book is shot! The front board has fallen off, and taped back on, and the back cover is hanging loose. The spine is falling apart. Internally, all pages are still well-bound together, but I note some loosening of the threads of the binding, so it may not last long.
Inside the pages is a different story--they are all Good or Good-Minus condition, without folds, tears, spills or other stains noted. There are perhaps a dozen light brown smudges throughout the book--about thumb-size, which may be oil-stain foxing from fingers? Otherwise, I do not see Foxing. There is a general age-browning of pages, from their edges in to about an inch, but the browning is mild and not pronounced--more like a light tan. Pages are still flexible, not brittle, and seem to be good quality paper.
This auction opens at $20.00, and runs 10 days. The winner pays $4.50 shipping for this heavy 3+ pound book. Good luck. More photos available on request, and questions happily answered.