St Peter+Paul Duo Medal Blessed by Pope John Paul II

This Saint Peter and St. Paul Medal was blessed by Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy bringing with it a special wish for peace, health and happiness. This medal was blessed by the Pope during public audiences at St. Peter's. I am not selling the blessing just the medal. The Blessing I give to you. I also will provide the documentation with the blessing along with a velvet bag to keep the medal in. T is no Vatican Certificate of Authenticity issued when an item is blessed. The Vatican, or anyone else affiliated with the Catholic Church Worldwide, does not give out any Vatican Verification or any other kind of Verification Certificate that an item is blessed. You get a Papal Ticket when one attends a Public Audience at the Vatican w most items are blessed. This ticket is free and states so on the back in several different languages. T is only one type of design of this ticket. The number on it makes it unique as that number is only used once a day and the seller that sells you the item should be the only one with that ticket with that number. A copy of both sides of the ticket will be sent to the winner bidder. I do not have a copy of the ticket on any of my auctions. US buyers pay $2.50 for S&H and international buyers should request a quote on the shipping costs. Priority mail shipping is available (will receive in 2 to 3 days) ... read more