M & ST.L .R.R Minneapolis & St. Louis Ry Lantern Adlake No 200 Kero

Minneapolis & St Louis Railway

Reporting marks MSTL

This is a Vintage Railroad Lantern made by The Adams & Westlake Co. for the M & ST.L.RY MINNEAPOLIS & ST LOUIS RAILWAY . This early 1900's lantern is marked The Adams & Westlake Co. NEW YORK-CHICAGO-PHILA. M & ST.L.R.R ADLAKE No 200 KERO . US first PAT'D Date is MAY 5 1908. The burner is marked ADLAKE No.250 . The clear glass globe is etched M & St.L.RR. TOP and embossed ADLAKE KERO . The lantern is in good working condition. Please view photos and Email or text with and questions. Thanks for looking. Will combine shipping.

Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search This article needs additional citations for verification . Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2015) Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway Reporting mark MSTL Locale Illinois , Iowa , Minnesota , and South Dakota Dates of operation 1870-1960 Successor Chicago and North Western Track gauge 4 ft 8 1 ⁄ 2 in ( 1,435 mm ) standard gauge Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway (M&StL) ( reporting mark MSTL ) was an American Class I railroad that built and operated lines radiating south

The railway's most important route was between Minneapolis and Peoria, Illinois ; a second major route extended from Minneapolis into eastern South Dakota , and other trackage served various areas in north-central Iowa and south-central Minnesota. The M&StL was founded in 1870, and expanded through line construction and acquisition until the early 20th century. Most of the railway's routes saw only relatively light traffic, and consequently the company's financial position was frequently precarious; the railroad operated under bankruptcy protection between 1923 and 1943. The M&StL was acquired by the Chicago and North Western Railway in 1960, and much of its former trackage was later abandoned.

In 1956 it reported 1550 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and 2 million passenger-miles on 1397 route-miles and 1748 track-miles operated; those totals don't include the 117-mile Minnesota Western.

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History [ edit ] The beginning [ edit ]

The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway was created on May 26, 1870 by a group of Minnesota investors interested in establishing a railroad connection between Minneapolis and the agricultural regions to the south. Minneapolis was home to the largest flour milling operations in the country at that time. Wheat was the primary commodity grown in southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Not wanting to be captive shippers for railroad companies from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago , the Washburns, Crosbys and Pillsburys - the men who owned the flour mills in Minneapolis - formed their own railroad as a way to ship wheat in and ship flour out. By 1880, the road had reached Albert Lea to the south and leased the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad to ship flour to Duluth, Minnesota for transport to markets served by Great Lakes shipping and to ship lumber south from Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin using the St Paul and Taylor's Falls road as a means to capture a large portion of the lumber market. As the wheat growing regions moved north and west, the company eventually acquired and built lines to South Dakota.

19th century [ edit ]

Ultimately the railroad's primary line was extended south from the Twin Cities into Iowa and then east to Peoria. It ran through Mason City, Iowa , which became an important traffic center for the railroad. One of the major attractions of the railroad was that i...

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