STACIE ORRICO - Beautiful Awakening Promo-CD RARE NEW

I ssued on Virgin Records America , 2007, # 74843 .
Unused, leftover radio station copy . Only one.
Standard jewel case , 12-track, complete .
A limited, unreleased U.S. version, never available commercially.
Photos are front and back of actual item , sealed, NEW .
Beautiful Awakening finds vocalist Stacie Orrico not onlydelivering more of the R&B soaked pop she perfected on her 2003self-titled sophomore effort, but also maturing as an artist and a woman. Only 17 when she released her previous album, Orrico owns her womanhood , focusing on such subjects as falling love and keeping true to yourself. Although t is not as heavy a Christian aesthetic evinced as on her debut album, by no means does she seem to be dropping her spirituality. In fact, tracks such as "So Simple," "Dream You" and "Take Me Away" reveal Orrico's knack for a fresh and melodic neo-soul sound with a bent toward lyrics about inner beauty, true love and happiness. In that sense, Orrico often seems like a balanced mix of such contemporaries as Corinne Bailey Rae and Christina Aguilera . These are heartfelt, hummable and sometimes funky tracks that truly showcase Orrico's growing vocal talent and pop charisma.