New Staedtler Mars Matic 700 Various Sizes Collectable/ Vintage,Technical Pens

The Staedtler Mars matic 700 technical pen is used where maximum precision is required. It has a hard chrome plated drafting tube to protect the drafting point. The pens ink is prevented from drying out by a double sealing system in the cap. Steady ink flow is provided via an internal ink collector system.
Staedtler Mars matic 700 technical pens have triple line width colour indication according to ISO & DIN resp. They are designed to be used on drafting paper, tracing paper & matt drafting film.
There is a choice of seven drafting points for Staedtler Mars matic 700 pens ranging from 0.13mm to 1.4mm. These can be replaced with Staedtler 750 replacement drafting points and the pens can also be easily refilled with either bottled drawing ink or using a cartridge.
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