Stageworks LG8 8-Channel Powered Mixer Amp PA System

Stageworks LG-8
8-Channel Mixer
This was originally from a complete PA System set, but this auction is only for the mixer. If you've got your own speakers/monitors/mics etc..., then this is a good fill in.
It features 8 channels that each has a mic or instrument input. Each channel also features adjustment knobs for Volume, Delay, Treble, and Bass. Overall Master knobs include Delay Volume, Depth, Time, CD/Tape Volume, and Master Volume. T is also a little graphic eqaulizer for fine tuning your sound. T's kind of a "9th channel" on the back with the red/white inputs for CD or tape. The back has 2 speaker outputs and an effects loop input/output.
This mixer can output 200 watts, which is pretty decent for small venues. So if you're a single musician or small band, it's great for practice and low key gigs. Or if you host small events like church gatherings or coffee shop gigs, this is a great and easy setup for small groups and presenters. Because it's portable, it's great for setting up anyw, like moving to different rooms, holding events outdoors, or taking along to gigs in case the venue doesn't have their own PA (which our band experienced a few times - lame).
Dimensions: 20" long x 8" tall x 11" deep
Moderately used, but was well-taken care of. It's got scuff
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