US stamp. 1929, KANS and NEBR. overprints. REGISTERED COVER to NEW ZEALAND


From an e xhibition collection: 1922 2 c. red Washington

Currently on auction you'll find the 2nd part of a large exhibition collection that I have decided to split up. Much of the material is quite scarce, but there is not much information on this subject available in Denmark, so description will be accordingly. Whatever text you'll find below the scanned items will be in Danish, if you care to google-translate. Otherwise feel free to ask for a translation.

The rest of the collection will be sold next month.

1929. 2 c. carmine.

Kans. and Nebr. overprints.

2 unused copies and 2 overprints tied to registered cover, sent to New Zealand.

Very fine quality.

See scan

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