Stamp Collection, 1959 Ambassador Album, Mostly US, Some Foreign, All Hinged

This book is a part of my deceased aunt's fairly extensive stamp collection. The book is The Ambassador Album and the printed US stamp photos only go up to 3 cents for a first class stamp, so this book hails from that era, probably early - mid fifties.
The majority of stamps are US stamps. There are a smattering of foreign ones including:
2 from Afghanistan, one from Antigua, a few from Andorra, Nevis/Anguilla, several from Argentina and Argentine Republic, several from Australia, many from Austria, Bahamas, Barbados (1), many from Belgium, one from Bolivia, 3 from Brazil, 2 from Burma, a few from British Guiana and British Solomon Islands, many from Canada, a few from Ceylon, several from Chile, a few from China and Hong Kong, Thailand, a couple from Colombia, Cyprus, several from Cuba, several from Czechoslovakia, several from Denmark, a few from Egypt, several from Finland and France, a couple from French Equatorial Africa, French Guiana, many from Germany, a couple from Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Ghana, many from Great Britain, a few from Greece & Guatemala, 1 from Hawaii (before a state), several from Hungary,, several from India, a few from Iraq, several from Ireland, several from Italy,a couple from Jamaica, several from Japan, a few from "Jugoslavia", few from Korea, few from Lebanon, Lithuania, one from Liberia,
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