Stamps Amplification Drive-O- Matic Effects Pedal

One Stamps Amplification Drive-O-Matic effects pedal in good condition. Its not getting any use so needs to go. It does not have a box or manual but will be well packaged.
Will only sell and post within the UK.
Another worthy contender for the heralded overdrive crown. What separates the Stamps from the competition is the ability to chose between two channels of crunch. Packing two finely tuned overdrives into one box really eliminates the need for additonal clean boost pedals, eqs, or even another overdrive unit. For those requiring threes different stage of gain (clean, overdrive, and lead), the Stamps really saves the day. Other cool touches like a cabinet emulator switch offer even more subtle tone choices. We found the Drive-O-Matic to be an extremely tranparent overdrive that maintains it's character, even when pushed to the edge. No hint of boominess or midrange honk at these heavy settings, lets the Stamps cover the blues but also step into the world of rock when needed. The construction is beautiful inside and out, dials and LEDS are well placed, and the battery compartment is easy to access. A wonderful pedal in every respect.
Many Thanks.