Stamps founding out of a cellar from german fleamarket!

Out of an extensive stamp heritage of an hidden german stamp dealer we present this estate full with stamps, collections, albums, often wild and chaotic material! Mostly Germany “stone old to new” besides “good and bad”, it is very manifold! An enormous mass of issues from Germany, old and new, you will find in more than 45 albums. With a good part of the German Reich, from the first Berlin issues I have marked some with "?", because they are unprooved and maybe forgeries, FRG with good early stamps, later collected mint, used and on ETB, GDR with a lot of stamps and some FDC's, followed by 8 albums with issues from different european countries. Last but not least "FOR FREE" and as show pieces for your collection some dubious and unprooved items of rare issues. This is material which makes fun and give the re-seller a lot of space for fantasy and creativity. The pictures show only a little part of this huge estate, calculate exactly and enjoy it!

Attention please: ? = questionable / dubiously / manipulated / faked / fro free !!! Where we saw material, which have to be estimated very carefully in our point of view, we marked this stamps with “?” In every case we offer this material without a statement or guaranty of genuine for single stamps and of course no guaranty for the complete offer, this would be really not possible
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