STAN WINSTON Mutant Earth MOLOCH Action Figure NIB

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The Mutant Earth Series

6" Moloch Vane Action Figure

Condition : Case Fresh~Factory Sealed Please Note: Figures are mint but boxes may be damaged.


: Aprox. 6" Tall Manufacturer : Stan Winston

Item Details:
The year is 2099 -- Five years after the great invasion.

The future earth is a landscape of desolation... w hideous mutants and invading aliens fight for domination over the planet. But one man stands strong amid the rubble...

He is TRAKK...humanity's last hope!

The year is 2099, and the place is a dystopia called Mutant Earth. Mutant Earth is the latest line to be released from Stan Winston Creatures , and the premise is that of an embattled earth five years after a great alien invasion. From the ruins of that invasion, humanity is trying to pick up the pieces and reclaim the planet against impossible odds through Trakk , the heroic leader. Due to the invasion, t are also some mutants about, hence the clever title
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