This Standard open works machine ( Similar to the Columbia AU ) plays the Standard record with a ½ in. hole. This machine is ALL ORIGINAL even to the slip on crank. The only missing item is the knurled screw on the elbow which is missing. The horn fits tight even without the screw but wanted to let you know. The machine plays a Standard 7 in. record all the way through. T is some unsteadiness to the speed but probably the motor needs a good cleaning to remedy that situation. The machine and horn both have original paint and some of the gold lining is worn. The machine has a 7 in. platter and some of the felt covering is missing. Oviously the felt could be replaced but I will leave that if desired by the new owner. The machine is approximately 15 ½ ins. long from the outer edge of the horn support to the front edge of the turntable. The width is approximately 7 ½ ins. at the widest point and the machine is approximately 4 ½ ins.high from the bottom of the base to the top edge of the turntable. This is a very complete machine and only needs some cleaning up having sat in a collection for over 30 years. The horn is 14 ins. long and the bell is 8 ½ ins. in diameter. The machine comes with two Standard seven inch records: No 872 Baritone Solo Bill Bailey , and No. 330 Orchestra Creole Belles . The records have a few hung grooves and the ... read more