Stangl Stoneware Candle Holder-Lantern

Stangl Stoneware Candle Lantern/Holder

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This is a neat old piece from Stangl Pottery. Basically just earthy clay color with a clear final glaze. The piece stands 5" tall to the top of the handle. The pictures really show the piece much better than I can describe it. It is in excellent condition NOT Chipped, cracked, broken or crazed in any way. The side is marked Stangl Stoneware. It is an excellent old piece that would make an excellent addition to any collection. As in all of our auctions, the item that you see pictured is the item that you will receive.

The buyer must pre pay and pay for shipping. When UPS is my preference since they pick up and deliver from me each day, $7.00 will cover UPS Ground on most items and that includes insurance. Items that are larger or heavier than normal or that require additional insurance will obviously cost you a few $$ more but trust me I am not going to try to squeeze every extra dollar out of you on shipping. I try to recycle most of my packing materials, that is in an effort to save you money. I will ship in any manner you require, email your needs and the cost will be calculated. Since it is unlikely every issue is covered , feel free to email me directly and I will respond promptly!
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