Rare Stangl Sunburst Glaze Candle Holder Vintage Candlestick Art Pottery 1929

This is a rare and very beautiful art deco Stangle candlestick with the sunburst glaze produced from 1929-1934. You can see this style of candlestick on the front cover and page 260 of the Collector's Encyclopedia of Stangl by Robert C. Runge, Jr.
What a stunning piece! The sunburst glaze was a multicolored glaze treatment sprayed on each piece in slightly overlapping bands. First, the interior of each piece of Sunburst was flushed with Silver Green. A band of Tangerine was sprayed along the top third of the the piece, followed by a band of Silver Green sprayed around the middle. The bottom and base were then sprayed with Black. Each color overlapped its neighboring glaze slightly, creating a blending effect from one color to the next. The overlapping Tangerine and Silver Green glazes bring about a rusty brown color, and the overlapping Silver Green and Black create variegated blue.
This is a bird and flower candleholder #1389. It measures 7 3/4" high and the base is 4" across.
There are no repairs, breaks or cracks. There are some very small glaze pops, crazing, usage marks and either a glaze pop or flea bite to the base that's 1/16" wide. The inside edge of the top rim has some rough spots from usage over the years. The roughness is either small bits of glaze loss or glaze pops from the thick application of glaze.
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