Stanley 41/2 & Stanley 51/2 smooth sole planes- NICE!!!

's a chance to get both a Stanley 4 1/2 AND a Stanley 5 1/2 plane in excellent condition. The 4 1/2 has a tiny crack in the front knob, but otherwise I see no issues in either plane. The 4 1/2 is a very hefty-feeling plane- wide and somewhat heavy, but solid. The 5 1/2 is a favorite of mine for general planing as it has more heft than a #5 but not as long and bulky as the #6- I find it very comfortable to use (I have kept my corrugated versions of both planes!). I cannot speak to whether t has been any paint retouching or refinishing of totes/knobs, but if so it was not done by me! Hopefully the closeup pix will tell you everything you want to know. Payment is by Paypal only and shipping will be a bit hefty due to weight and your proximity to MA, but I will only charge the exact amount of the shipping cost, and always return any overpayment on shipping back to your Paypal account. Count on an average of $35.00 Insured, but perhaps more to the West Coast. Please look at the oversized pictures well, as my auctions offer no returns. Of course if I'm way off base or missed something entirely I will always treat you fairly, as my feedback shows, but otherwise this eliminates the need for worries about who pays return shipping costs, and also tends to keep away the window shoppers as well. I will say that if you do buy these I am sure ... read more