Stanley No. 60 ½ Iron Mortise Gauge 1874-97

Stanley No. 60 ½ Iron Mortise Gauge 1874-97

The Stanley No 60 ½ Mortice gauge was the same as the No 60 but had a movable Brass Slide grooved into the face for marking a mortice, when it was not required it was turned over to make it into a straight forward marking gauge.

In the 1879 Catalogue it was priced at $ 8.00 a very expensive gauge, when a No 8 Jointing plane was only priced at $ 6.50. The cost was in all probability the reason it had a short production period. It has stamped on the body the patent date of 12 th May 1874.

It has been re-japanned and cleaned but for its age it is in good condition. The gauge is showing a number of small holes in the main body, probably occurred when casting.

I have tried to show the item and its wear and tear as accurately as I can in my pictures.


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