Stanley No. 95 Edge Trimming Block Plane 1911 / 58.

Stanley No. 95 Edge Trimming Block Plane 1911-58

Stanley Sweetheart Logo c1920/35

The Stanley No 95 was used for planning or squaring the edges of boarding, it was possible to attach bevelled strips to plane at an angle other than 90 o if required. It has stamped on the body the patent date of 14 th May 1912.

Condition for its age is good with no visible damage, the plane retains 80% of its japanned finish . The blade as the Sweetheart Logo on it, this dates it to a period between 1920 and 1935. It does not appear to have had much use and is still retains the original machine marks. There is some light staining on the blade, but it still retains most of its original length.

I have tried to show the plane and its wear and tear as accurately as I can in my pictures.


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