Stanley/Bailey #7 Jointer Plane

This is a Stanley / Bailey #7 Jointer Plane, it measures 21 3/4" long x 2 7/8" wide x5 1/2" high. It's really in nice shape, the wooden handles (except for a couple of small cuts) are in great condition, the glossy part of the body finish is mostly gone but the black finish is pretty much all intact, the metal surfaces are rust free and have a nice patina. The body has BAILEY on the nose and No 7 on the back, it also has PAT'DMAR-25-02, AUG-19-02, APR-19-10 in front of the handle and below the height adjustment wheel. The blade angle adjustment lever has STANLEY on the top, it can be seen through the cut out at the top of the blade. The blade has STANLEY New Britain Conn. U.S.A. on the top. The sole is grooved (12 across, every 1/4") It's a nice well preserved plane.