Stanley Bailey Number 8 Jointer Plane Vintage Antique Type 6

This is a Stanley Bailey Number 8 jointer, the largest plane made in the stanley line. This one is a type 6, made from 1888-1892.

This plane has the stamped depth adjustment nut expected on a type 6, but it has a right hand thread that was used on types 1-5. The plane is in good shape, the sole is great with only minor pitting/dings on the edges and no deep scratches or other damage. The japanning on this plane is mostly gone, but has not been painted over as is typically done. The rosewood totes are very nice, thought the front knob is stamped with initials. There is a minor chip out of the lever cap, visible in the pictures. The iron on this plane is nearly used up and would need to be replaced if the plane is to be used.

This is a beautiful example of a plane that is 120 years old that has not been repainted or attacked by a Normite with a wire wheel. Would make a great gift for someone who appreciates old tools and will be truly loved by those who use such wonderful tools.