Stanley Bailey Type* No 8 Plane smooth Bottom Base Sole Bed Jointer 24" inch

* Perhaps not made by Stanley, it does not have any maker's mark. It is a Stanley / Bailey patent plane. After the patent expired, everybody and their brother made hand planes that look just like this one. So, this is a Stanley Bailey type plane body but it was not necessarily made by Stanley. According to another eBay'er, Howard, who knows more about old tools than I do, " Just to further add confusion, this No.8 could be a Stanley Bailey plane made between 1885 and 1888. Prior to that, there were no markings on the plane casting. Howard"
I bought it years ago as it is to make an infill plane. Pick up where I left off.
NO major defects, no cracks, no chips
The sole is a little scratchy but is not rusted and no rust pits.
Mouth is clean, no cracks no chips.
I did not lap the sole.
There is some pitting on the bed.
The bed is parallel to the sole, therefore this is a Bailey, NOT a Bedrock.
I do not have any parts that go with this plane.
Please make questions brief and to the point, no stories.
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