Stanley Bedrock 604 hand plane

Stanley Bedrock 604 Plane bed has "PAT'D. APR. 2. 95." "B " casting marks behind frog. Type 3-4 Smooth bottom plane. Has original finish on sides with minor tool box dings that can be removed if required. No chips or breaks. "STANLEY R & L CO...BED ROCK" on lever caps. No chips or damage to corners. Plenty of Blade. Q tm on blade iron - "Stanley Pat. AP'L 19.92" "B " casting marks on frog, with Black sides. Solid wood low knob with minor scratches. No breaks or repairs. Tote has minor chips at top edge but is not broken, beautiful grain and color. 80-85% original black finish (japanning) on plane, needs some cleaning and blade sharpening to put back into service. Round-top Sides. Frog adjustment wheel is small: 1" diameter.

REVISED: I just noticed this tonight while looking at the frog for pitting. T is a minor chip, approximately 1/8" x 3/16" on the left corner bottom edge of the frog w it meets the plane mouth.