Stanley No.3 C Plane SW Logo

Note: t is a tight a one inch crack on rhe right cheek and t is some very shallow pitting on the top half of the front of the iron. Good mouth and corrugations. No serious rust, pitting, breaks . No repairs. "No 3" on toe. "Bailey" behind knob. " Pat'd. Mar-25-02 Aug-19-02 Apr-19-10" behind frog. Japanning is probably 90%. SW logo at top of iron with 1 7/8 inches of metal below slot. Nickel is about 50% on the lever cap.. Rosewood is not cracked or chipped. Good functional plane.Will fit in flat rate box and S&H will not exceed $12.35 in U.S. regardless of what calculator shows.

A current shipping address should accompany all payments. Most items are shipped priority mail and the buyers pays actual postage and insurance, if desired and A $2.00 S&H FEE.I use flat rate boxes wever possible and will combine purchases when it is cost effective. Regarding FEEDBACK, as a seller I do not initiate feedback (except in negative situations), but I always reciprocate Feedback. Questions directed to will be answered as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: Seller make no warranties either express or implied as to the the fitness for use of the item at auction. I make a real effort to give my honest opinion of the condition of the item and I understand that opinions may differ on this type of merchandise. Buyer may return purchase in the
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