Stanley Plane Parts Blades 78 Fence & Cutter, 1867 Frog

This auction consists of one LOT of GOOD used PLANE PARTS! This lot includes three double plane irons: two Stanley and one Craftsman. The Stanley irons are a 1 & 3/4" with "T" logo and 2" of blade and a 2" "J" logo with 1 & 1/2" of blade. The J logo blade also has the L. Bailey patent date Dec. 24, 1867 stamped on the chip breaker. The third double iron is a 2" Craftsman with 2 & 1/8" of useable blade left. Also included in this lot are a fence with rod and thumb screw, "J" logo cutter, blade cap and screw, and two cap screws from a Stanley No. 78 rabbet plane. This lot also has a new old stock Stanley spoke shave blade with the "V" logo stamped on it. Several block planes and parts are included in this auction including a rosewood Stanley block plane knob in very good condition, a Millers Falls 55 block plane (missing its cutter) in good condition, a 120 Stanley cap and tightening wheel missing most of its Japan finish, and a handled block plane with no markings that is complete but has minor chipping in the throat area of the plane. The last parts included in this auction are from a 2" wide prelateral transitional Stanley plane. The frog is in good condition and features the L. Bailey 1867 lettering inside the brass blade adjusting knob. The lever cap is in good condition with some Japan finish loss. The beech wood

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