Stanley No. 4 Smooth Bottom Plane Type 18. C. 1946-1947. Very Nice! Great User!

Here is very nice example of a Stanley number 18/19 smooth bottom smoothing plane. It was made around 1947. The original japanning is about 95 percent on the body and 95 percent on the frog and retains the original shine. I wiped the dirt off this one for the pictures and inspected it closely. The body is in great shape with no damage or rust, full original machine marks, a few spots of light tarnish, a few dings and light scratches, and is generally shiny metal. The mouth is good with no cracks or chips. The black painted knob and tote are very nice with no damage and near full original finish, and of course a few tiny dings. The cutter has a few spots of tarnish where it has been exposed to air, but is almost all shiny steel. It has a little over 2 1/8 inches left to the slot. It has the Stanley, notched corner logo. You will have to do some sharpening to the blade because there are some nicks in the cutting edge, as shown. The chip breaker is shiny with a couple tiny spots of tarnish, but is smooth and well fit. The brass adjuster nut is very good with very good diagonal knurling. The diagonal knurling was only used for a couple of years. Lateral lever is nice, tight, and straight and has Stanley stamped into it horizontally. Lever cap has a perfect edge and no damage. The cap retains al it's original shiny nickel plating and ... read more