Stanley sweetheart 92 cabinet makers rabbet wood plane

Why would you think painting this with silver paint would improve it? Apparently someone thought so.........

You are bidding on one Stanley #92 cabinet makers rabbet wood plane as pictured.

It is marked "92" on the top, and has the early (heart raised up into the rectangle) sweetheart logo with "MADE IN USA" below that on the disc on the front end. The cutter is unmarked.

Other than the silver paint, and the patina showing through it, condition is very good. T are no cracks or chips or chunks missing from any of the castings, and everything operates properly.

SHIPPING: 2 pounds when boxed, but I can put it in a small box, and then put that box inside a Priority flat Rate envelope to save on shipping. (see below if you are bidding outside the US)

This is one of a number of auctions of Stanley and similar metallic planes that I have listed right now.

The queue is overflowing with tools right now, as they seem to be finding me faster than I can list them. Please see my other current as well as upcoming auctions, as I am or will be listing many more collectible planes and tools. I typically list in batches of similar tools, and sitting right now in the queue are LOTS of metallic planes and some parts for them, LOTS of American and British molders, chisels and gouges, bevels and squares and gauges,
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