STANLEY TOOL COLLECTOR NEWS #19 - Folding Rules, Planes, by John Walter

STANLEY TOOL COLLECTOR NEWS #19 - Folding Rules, Planes, by John Walter

This is Volume 7, Issue Number 19 of the STANLEY TOOL COLLECTOR NEWS published in Winter 1996/97 by the Tool Merchant (John Walter) of Marietta, Ohio. This is the LAST issue of the Stanley Tool Collector News that was published. Included in this issue are the following: Tool Chest Fit for a President, Stanley Tools in "Mystery Photo" contest, First Things: North & Stanley Lock & Key, Newton's Shuttle Planner by Paul Van Pernis, Victor Planes No. 1103, 1104, 1105, & 1120 by George Wanamaker, Stanley-Jillson Engineers' Rule by Phil Stanley, Auction Results, Tools For Sale, "Ten Most Wanted", New Discoveries: Special Christmas Gift Boxes, Tool Chest Posters, Oerlein's Handy Rule & Try Square, Variation of the No. 1040 Level, Stanley Works Calendar Girl, W.W. I Era No. 37 Machinist's Level, Closer Look at the No. 143 Plow, Sweetheart Lever Caps, Unusual No. 36 Machinist's Level, Prototype No. 136 Caliper Rule, W.W. II Era No. 4 Trammel Points, No. 1 Type 1 Plated Try Square, Tool Talks: "I Harden Stanley Screw Driver Blades", Classified and Display Advertising.

This publication is softcover and contains 44 pages. It measures approximately 8 1/2" x 11".

LONG OUT-OF-PRINT and sought out by Stanley collectors. I rate this example in


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