Stanwell Relief 190 - Design Tom Eltang - Brass ring. Splendid Danish briar pipe

Danish briar pipe Stanwell Relief 190 Pipa Danese in radica Stanwell Relief 190 Used - Estate Usata Stamping: STANWELL Relief 190 MADE IN DENMARK On the stem: S (Surmounted by a crown.) Stampigliatura: STANWELL Relief 190 MADE IN DENMARK Sul bocc hino: S (Sormontato da una corona) Dimensions (approximate) Lenght : 135 mm. 5.31 inch Height: 50 mm. 1.96 inch Bowl diameter: 34 mm. 1.33 inch Inside diameter : 20 mm. 0.78 inch Weight: 39 gr. 1.53 ounces Dimensioni (approssimative) Lunghezza : 135 mm. 5.31 inch Altezza: 50 mm. 1.96 inch Diametro esterno: 34 mm. 1.33 inch Diametro interno: 20 mm. 0.78 inch Peso: 39 gr. 1.53 ounces Beautiful pipe, straight, sandblasted, middle-large size. Designed by Tom Eltang and produced by one of the most famous Danish brand: Stanwell . Based on creative designs by leading Danish Master Pipe Makers, combined with the careful selection of the finest Mediterranean briar, Stanwell has achieved a combination of style and quality which gives each pipe its own character. (Source: In the late forties Poul Nielsen adopted the English name Stanwell with the aim of expanding the market because the fine briar pipes, at that time, mainly of British origin. He could not, however, provide that his company would have earned prestige and international renown for his Danish style . (Source: ... read more