Star Amethyst Monatomic Andara Crystal 97.0 g.

Star Amethyst Andara

This color of Monatomic Andara crystal has chosen the name Star Amethyst . An Amethyst in partnership with blue / grey Istari, this combination Andara crystal radiates a Celestial Star field of divine sanctuary. In this temple of starlight, the veils of duality are revealed for the illusions that they truly are.

This Andara crystal weighs 97.0 g.

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A Sacred Discovery

A unique mineral deposit was discovered near one of earth's high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. Monatomic Elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum, and other monatomic minerals were found in this deposit. Discovered within the deposit were glass-like crystals of exceptional power and beauty.

Andara crystal is a glass-like transmuted mineral complex from this naturally occurring mineral deposit high in monatomic minerals. This natural glass-like mineral complex exhibits extraordinary metaphysical properties.

Andara crystals positively affect the energy patterns that move through the body's meridians. Andara crystals initiate electromagnetic balance and harmony via a positive-charged
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