Star Point Esther Ceramic Doll Eastern Star OES ~ 1962

This is a handmade ceramic doll representing the star point Esther. The lady who used to make these dolls for us once told me how difficult it is to make the Esther doll as the right arm for the mold is not in this position and has to be repositioned to touch the left shoulder. This was a delicate procedure that often resulted in broken arms and the need to start over. Also, these dolls were personalized for the recipient, with the hair and eye color, in this case brown and brown, matching those of the star point.

This doll was presented to the 1962 star point Esther of Ungava Chapter No. 106, in Riverside. It was given for perfect attendance that year and that fact, plus the star point's name, are written underneath. "ESTHER 1962" is printed on the back, at the bottom of Esther's skirt, in gold.

Esther measures about 3 1/4" wide, 3 1/4" deep and 10" tall.

This is in very good condition. T are no chips or cracks, although t is crazing all over.

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