The Star Stalker by Robert Bloch (1968) 1st print paperback original FINE Psycho

This is a true first printing of The Star Stalker by Robert Bloch (who will forever be known to the general populace as "The author of Psycho"). Despite the fame attendant from Psycho, Bloch was well known and loved within the horror and crime fiction communities for his many books and stories - many with a humorous edge - as well as for the many screenplays he wrote.
The book looks new and has very supple pages.
From the back:
Hollywood: Colossal, Compelling, Corrupt
Where the only sin is "not making it"... where beautiful people do very ugly things to get to the top... where desperate men and women plummet overnight from the peak of power to the lethal valley of the dolls:
DAWN - The superstarlet with a child's face and a woman's passions - ready for fame, ripe for corruption.
HARKER - The great director, internationally praised, universally feared. A genius on the set - a monster in the bedroom.
TOMMY - He stands apart from their deadly games - until he suddenly wakes to find himself trapped in the 24-hour nightmare called Hollywood.
THE STAR STALKER is a searing, no-holds barred novel that tells it the way it really is.
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