Star Trac Elite Total body Trainer Elliptical

Model Star Trac Elite Elliptical Quantity 1 available. (Subject to change) Condition Condition 8.5 . Refurbished. Minor normal play in arms and joints. These ellipticals generally have a little play in the pivot joints. Runs perfect. (1 worst -10 new) Age 2-4 years? Warranty

Refurbished when placed in a home- 6 months parts and 90 days labor

History ?

What’s the difference between the Star Trac Pro and Star Trac Elite Elliptical?
The Elite is the same, but allows the upper boddy handles to be disengaged (they will not move with the pedals).

Don’t want the upper body handles moving? No problem! Just turn them off! Only Star Trac Elite offers this unique feature.

The Star Trac Elite Elliptical Trainer is a feature packed elliptical for the cardio enthusiast. Diversify your routine with unique programs designed to give you a total body workout. As your fitness level increases, adjust the resistance to match your ability and constantly improve your health. The Star Trac Elite features a personal workout fan to keep you cool and energized during any workout.

Star Trac Elite Elliptical Trainer Specifications

Dual Action:

Yes (On/Off mode). Handles move or you can turn them off! The Elite Pro cannot be turned off.

Resistance Levels:

20 Heart Rate Monitor: Yes,
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