Star Trek Burger King banner over 5 ft

This is a brand new Star Trek vertical banner (Only taken out of plastic for picture). It was made to advertise the Star Trek glasses. This banner is a little over 5 ft. Not all Bugrer Kings recieved this type of banner. Some of them recieved the horizontal version (t are some for sale on Ebay). This one I have yet to find on Ebay.This is a two sided banner. Samething on both sides This type of banner was made to go on a pole. T are two holes to be attached to a pole. T are also two holes in the middle of the banner , for when thie banner is outside and its windy , the wind will go right through it instead of ruining the banner. Other than that , this banner is in perfect condition. This will be perfect for that Star Trek fan/collector in your family. GOOD LUCK !!!

***Will Only Ship In USA Only***

Shipping is $20.00