STAR TREK COMPUTER Voice Activated Lighting Control NEW


Voice Control Light Interface Module

Self contained Computer Lighting control

with the voice of Star Treks own original computer voice

Majel (Barrett) Roddenberry

(no computer needed- this is a self contained unit)

The voice of the computer systems on trek, and the actress who portrayed Nurse Chapel (Majel Barrett)

Officially Licensed & self contained, Plug in and you are ready to begin living your trek experience

Trekkie, Trekker or not you will get tickled with this great new gadget that incorporates the latest in voice recognition technology . Star Trek Voice Operated dimmer & lighting Control, can turn your lights On & off, or dim to bright, AND has a built in night light ALL CONTROLLED BY YOURVOICE just plug the unit into a wall socket and plug your lights into it. . An authentic recreation of the whole Star Trek experience ;With simple voice commands like " Computer ! Lights at 50 percent!" the self contained system console panel lights react & the dimmer-control even responds confirming your selection in the voice of Majel (Barrett) Roddenberry who voiced the ship's computer in several trek series.
INCLUDES * Official "Starfleet Operations Manual for the Voice Interface Module"
* Serialized Limited Edition Voice Interface Module
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