Star Trek Fanzine 1986 DARING ATTEMPT # 4 K/S


We just got an incredible Star Trek collection in for sale on consignment. This collection is over 30 years in the making. I know this for a fact because we have been selling items to this couple since the late 1970s. Over 200 large boxes have arrived and we will be listing this collection over the next few months. The condition of most of the items from this collection is exceptional. Use the link provided here to see a complete listing of items from this collection.


Star Trek Fanzine or Fan Magazine


Very Good or Better Condition - Note; The Price label is on the plastic bag and not the actual item.

These were stories written by Star Trek fans for Star Trek fans and as with most vintage Star Trek fanzines these can be mildly to extremely adult in content. Please do not purchase these fanzines if you are insulted by adult content.

Part of a large consignment of collectible Star Trek books & comics from a large collection of vintage Star Trek items that are being sold on consignment through the eBay Trading Assistant Program. Check our other listings for more of these fanzines by using the link provided above. We are authorized eBay Trading Assistants - Let us help you sell your collectibles on ebay.