Star Trek TNG Full Size Beeping Communicator Pin

"Space! The Final Frontier!" Well, you know all that stuff! 's a Star Trek - The Next Generation (TNG) Communicator Pin, full-sized and licensed in 1992 by Paramount Pictures. This item is the same size and coloring used by Captain Picard and his crew! It's about 2" high and 1 3/4" wide, is made of (pot) metal which has been plated and polished gold (for the background ellipse) and silver (for the foreground upward stylized arrowhead) colors (it's not real gold and silver!), and, being shiny and polished, is hard to photograph! (that's why all the pictures!) This Communicator also makes correct the Star Trek TNG "Chirp" when properly mounted on your Uniform (or shirt) and pressed - two strong rare-earth magnets hold it to your clothes, one on the back of the pin itself and one on the front of the sound unit (which should be put inside your clothing, under the Communicator Pin) - the strong magnets hold everything in place, and, when you push the pin with your hand, a contact closes in the inside sound unit and it "chirps!" Two replaceable mercury batteries (number or type L736, supplied) power the unit (pry off the front plastic ring of the sound unit to change them). CAUTION! Keep the magnets in close proximity to one another, and definitely keep them away from your floppy and hard disks! (strong magnetic field, remember?) This

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