Star Trek Type 3-D Chess Set !

These sets were quite popular in the 1980's and 1990's as I made and sold quite a few. Each set is completely hand crafted by me with care and accuracy. The delicate curves of the Main Frame and Base are made from sturdy wood and finished as though they were made of sand casted brass. These require a lot of work cutting, sanding and finishing but I think they look great. The main boards are 6" x 6" genuine (tough) Plexiglas onto which the board pattern is spray painted in black enamel. The 2" x 2" Attack Boards are crafted in the same manner. These new sets are a great improvement over the previously sold model. The Attack Board Posts are no longer made of acrylic which can fracture but of a much tougher and flexible clear material. The new Post Sockets enable one to easily reposition the Attack Boards anyw on the set. This marks a vast improvement in ease of play. Finally, the new Chess Pieces are now beautiful solid glass! Frosted for black, clear for white. All pieces have protective felt on their bases. Whether you just want to display this set as an art piece or actually play, you'll be happy with this easily affordable prop repro. Minor assembly is required. Illustrated instructions and rules of play are included. I'm listing the starting price at one half the retail cost of the old sets. T is no reserve. Thank you for viewing ... read more