Star Trek Type 3-D Chess Set With GLASS Chessmen!

Sorry for the slight price increase. This was entirely do to material cost increases. We've tried very hard to keep costs low on this item and will continue to do so as we are well aware that these are not the best of economic times. Each and every one of these sets is hand signed by me on the base bottom and affixed with our embossed seal. If you do not see these, it's not genuine and (guaranteed) not be the same fine quality. Thanks!
Greetings fellow SciFi fans. 's our newest Revision 3 set and we're sure you'll be as happy with it (if not happier) as you were with the first two. We've given it a much larger base. The Frame/Base Unit has a more natural brass finish. The Post Sockets are now a brand new design and fit better. We've also gone with smaller Chess Pieces (of the same high quality solid glass as before) that are much easier to play with than the previous model.
Those that bought the Revision 2 sets can request a set of the new pieces for only the cost of shipping.
The slight price increase reflects the cost increase of Plexiglas and other plastics used in this piece. Another reason not to like the oil companies (plastics are a by-product of petroleum).
As of this posting, I have developed another Post Socket design I am offering as an OPTION (see last pic). They are transparent
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