Star wars 1:1 life size mandolorian armour cosplay prop replica

I paid quite a bit for these parts I was going to start trooping as a mandolorian but went with a Jedi knight the pieces are high quality I got most of them through the club the two chest plates I had a auto body shop custom make out of aluminum and custom paint they are very nice and were very expensive some parts are just primed and ready to paint some are done see pictures. A list of the parts are as follows.
Chest plate metal
Cod piece
Butt plate
Shoulder pauldrons
Boot pauldrons
Belly plate sighed by Daniel logen young boba fett on back side the paint on this piece is cracking and will need to be repainted will not affect the autograph on the back.
Lower leggings
Thigh plates
Kneck seal
Wrist gauntlets
Back plate that will accept the backpack
Knee pads
Any questions email this priced to sale do to heath issues thanks adam