ORIGINAL ROLLED mint, unused U.S. 14"x36" insert movie poster of STAR WARS R-82 Re-issue 1982 with the Revenge of the Jedi banner.HAS ALL NSS AT BOTTOM & GAU LOGO. Be sure to check out our other auctions of great 14"x36 insert posters and other items on eBay this week. WE ALSO ACCEPT PAYPAL! Shipping is $9.00 in contiguous U.S.A. for UPS insured in a sturdy tube east of the Mississippi & $10 west of the Mississippi. Email for international shipping rates. (A FEW FACTS TO HELP EXPLAIN WHY I HAVE SO MANY MINT ROLLED ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS FROM THE 1970’S & 1980’S & 90’s (& folded one sheets, other sizes, Lobby Card sets etc.) 1. I HAD A LARGE MOVIE POSTER COLLECTORS STORE IN CLEVELAND OHIO FOR 18 YEARS, OPENING IN 1978. 2. UP UNTIL 1992 MOST TITLES WERE PRINTED AT THE CLEVELAND NSS PLANT 3. I WAS A RETAILER AND MAJOR WHOLESALER FOR 20+ YEARS INCLUDING THE MAIN VOLUME DISTRIBUTOR FOR ALL OF KILIAN ENTERPRISES PROJECTS APROX. 25+ POSTERS, MOST LICENSED FROM LUCASFILMS. 4. MANY PREMO TITLES I SQUIRRELED AWAY, ROLLED WHENEVER POSSIBLE, FOR SALE AFTER I SOLD MY STORE (which I did in 1996), (Of course never dreaming of something as far reaching as eBay.) 4. HAD MANY DIRECT FROM STUDIO MASS QUANTITY PURCHASES 1982-1996. 5. IN 1986 I PURCHASED A VERY LARGE % OF THE CLEVELAND NSS WAREHOUSE WHEN IT CLOSED & MADE A MAJOR ... read more