With Battle Damage!
#50 by Hasbro

RARE! Anakin loses his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Gravely wounded, Anakin falls into a burning lava pit and is left for dead. But the galaxy has not seen the last of this powerful former jedi. With Battle Damage feature! Interchanagable heads and arms to create battle damaged look! Brand New StarWars figure in Unopened package. #50 85562/85173 Asst. Ages 4+. Movable Parts. Great item for Star Wars lovers and collectors.
We have been involved with collecting and selling Star Wars micro machines, figures, playsets, vehicles, creatures, cinema scenes, price guides, books, Legos and other Star Wars collectibles and toys since George Lucas made the initial Star Wars movie for Twentieth Century Fox and merchandising items first appeared. We welcome any questions about our Star Wars items, or about Star Wars in general, but it might help to anticipate some areas of concern or confusion, give a little background, and clarify how our items fit into the Star Wars series of episodes by listing the episodes and their film names and release dates.
Episode I The Phantom Menace Released 1999 (prequel) Episode II Attack of the Clones Released 2002 (prequel) Episode III Revenge of the Sith Released 2005 (prequel) Episode IV A

Many sellers do not know the episodes that their items are featured in. We do! And we have tremendous detail at our disposal concerning Star Wars collectibles, and the making of the StarWars Movies. Deal with us and we can help you be informed and grow your collection according to your interests and needs.

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