STAR WARS ANH Stormtrooper E11 Blaster Movie Prop Replica Weathered 1:1 Scale

NOTE: Ebay please do not remove this item as it is a harmless prop replica and NOT a real firing weapon nor can it be made to fire any type of projectile.


1:1 Scale Movie Prop Replica! 5 Stage Custom Paint Job! Weighted for Realism! Studio Grade Workmanship! Added Scope Barrel Pieces! Every One an Individual Work of Art!

This is a Star Wars Stormtrooper E-11 Blaster! This 1:1 scale full size piece, replicates the famous hand held weapons wielded by the Imperial Stormtroopers as well as several other primary characters the Star Wars films. This blaster started as a Rubies replica prop which is injection molded ABS plastic and has no electronics or moving parts, but thats were it ended. This was completely refinished, sanded, and has multiple coats of paint along with being weighted to match a stunt blaster (not as heavy as a hero prop but with enough heft to make it believable!). This prop was then custom, painted, weathered, clear coated as well as having extra additional scope and several front end pieces! A metal barrel was added and several metal screw details to the front end. We have tried every way possible to create a great E-11 Blaster experience studying photos of original movie props to come as close as possible. This prop was finished by a professional prop builder

Buyers keep this in mind! We have sold many custom built replicas, there are others on eBay competing with our replicas but trust me this is NOT the same quality! Our Blaster takes many days to complete and it is priced the way that it is for a reason. I have seen other blasters that take a shortcut on their finish and it looks it. Painting a Blaster black and throwing some silver splashes or crazy colors on it is not what we consider quality. Please read our feedback from our many satisfied customers and what they have to say about our Blasters! Competition is one thing but confusing good customers is not what we are about, we simply want to offer the best Blaster we can make at an affordable price!


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