Star Wars Biker Scout Complete Costume Amour 501 approved

We are proud to bring you this time, this complete costume/armor of the legendary Biker Scout, as we see them in the Return of the Jedi film, what you see in the pictures is what you get, the set includes the complete armor, and the soft parts as well this will be included in the auction:

1. Helmet

2. Balaclava

3. Shoulders

4. Upper Arms

5. Forearms

6. Leather Gloves large

7. Chest

8. Back

9. Undersuit large size

10.Cummerbund large size for waist form 30 to 34

11. Belt . These are connected to the belt by textile straps are not included.

12. Knees

13. Leather Boots size 10

14. Holster

15. Blaster

16. thermal detonator (not picture, but included)

the last picture is just put for reference