Star Wars CCG A New Hope Complete Card Set ANH BB TCG

== Star Wars CCG ==
Limited Edition

Complete set of 162 black border cards from Decipher's A New Hope expansion.
This set contains all 54 rare, 54 uncommon, and 54 common cards.
All cards are NM/Mint.


LIGHT SIDE: DARK SIDE: Advance Preparation Advosze Alternatives To Fighting Astromech Shortage Arcona Besieged Attack Run Bespin Motors Void Spider THX 1138 Blast The Door, Kid! Black 4 Blue Milk Captain Khurgee Bowcaster Come With Me Brainiac Commence Primary Ignition Cell 2187 Conquest Chewbacca Dannik Jerriko Clak'dor VII Danz Borin Commander Evram Lajaie Dark Waters Commander Vanden Willard Death Star (Dark) Commence Recharging Death Star Gunner Corellia Death Star Tractor Beam Corellian Death Star: Conference Room Corellian Slip Defel Death Star: Trench Dianoga Dejarik Hologameboard DS-61-4 Doikk Na'ts Enhanced TIE Laser Cannon Double Agent Evader Eject! Eject! Ghhhk Fire Extinguisher Greedo Garouf Lafoe Hem Dazon Gold 2 Hyperwave Scan Grappling Hook Hypo Grimtaash I'm On The Leader Het Nkik Imperial Commander Houjix Imperial Holotable Hunchback Imperial Justice I Have A Very Bad Feeling About This Imperial Squad Leader I'm Here To Rescue You Informant Ickabel G'ont IT-O (Eyetee-Oh) Incom T-16 Skyhopper Jawa Blaster Jawa Ion Gun Kashyyyk (Dark) Kashyyyk (Light) Kiffex (Dark)
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