Star Wars Celebration V Exclusive Cereal Box Set of 16

This auction is for a complete set of 16 Star Wars Celebration 5 mini cereal boxes. These boxes were given out at the collector panels through the course of the show which ran from August 12-15 2010 in Orlando Flordia.

A different box was given out at each of the 4 daily panels with the trays being available to buy at the end of each panel.

These are limited to only 400 sets world wide and it was very hard to sit through 16 hours of talks to get them all. All boxes are mint and still contain the sealed bag of Cheeros cereal.

Included are the following boxes

Vlix-International Collecting Panel with art by Jeff Carlisle

Franken Naberrie-Partners in Collecting with art by Scott D.M. Simmons

Cap'N Rex-Animation Collecting : Holiday Special to Clone Wars with art by Bill Cable

Hothsted Flakes-Star Wars Toy Prototypes with art by Jeff Correll

Naboo Berry-Humorous Star Wars Items with art by Bill Cable

Troop Loops-Star Wars Store Displays with art by Bill Cable

Fetties-The Empire Strikes Back in Trading Cards with art by Mattias Rendahl

Vader Flakes-Original Props and Wardrobe Collecting with art byScott D.M. Simmons

Wookiee Crisp-Star Wars Collecting Podcast with art by Grant Gould

Rice Kenobies-Almost... From a Galaxy Far, Far Away with art by
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