Star Wars Clone Trooper Costume Armor Prop

Star Wars - Clone Trooper Armor

This new Clone-Trooper Armor are painted with automotive paint.

(will fit a 5'5" to 6'2" up to 200 lbs person)
Armor are made of hand laid fiberglass with a gel coat exterior. Fiberglass is made by combining resin with woven glass mat that is then hand laid and sculpted into the desired shapes. ABS plastic is not as tough as fiberglass, and if it cracked or damaged, repairs are difficult, costly, and rarely return the plastic to its original state. Fiberglass, however, is not only more durable than ABS, but repairs to it can also be easily completed by almost anyone.

- Scale 1:1, Movie Size.

Please Note* Under-Suit , Neck Seal, Gun, Gloves, Boots, and the Holster are not included.


Assembly intruction is not included