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Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
That is the beginning line to every Star Wars film, a
movie franchise that has made billions worldwide.
Star Wars is loved by thousands, most likely millions
of people of all ages worldwide. It's a
pseudo-mythology that is sorely lacking in today's
high speed information age; a pseudo-mythology because
the series is based on the amalgamation of many myths
of the past. Though Star Wars does deal partly with a
new mythology; man and machine. With Darth Vader ,
it's w does the machine start and stop, and what
part is still man?
Enough introspective philosophy though, Star Wars is
an immensely popular series and when anything gets
enough steam behind it, the inevitable arcade/video
game will only provide more fuel. So it was on the
the heels of Return of the Jedi in 1983 that Atari
released the Star Wars arcade game. In it, you pilot
an X-Wing star fighter as Luke Skywalker , future Jedi
Master, and the one to bring balance to the Force .
It'll take all your experience from Beggar's Canyon
back home to make the assault on the Death Star . The
Rebellion is counting one you.
In Star Wars , you fight your way through three stages.
The first being a dogfight with TIE fighters,
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