STAR WARS Custom Aluminum Stunt Blue LED Lightsaber The Havoc

STAR WARS Custom Aluminum Stunt Blue LED Lightsaber The Havoc?

Vader's Vault unleashes...

The Havoc™

The newest offering in our popular line of stunt sabers! Loosely based off of the Clan lightsabers from Star Wars Attack of the Clones (AOTC) and the Return of the Sith (ROTS), this saber sports a shine through emitter, exquisite detailing, a comfortable Mara Jade style grip area, and unique detailed "turbine-style" pommel.

A bit about Vader's Vault Stunt Sabers...

The ultimate stunt saber especially created for spinning, stunt work, and light dueling. With a sleek slender profile, perfectly balanced blade, comfortable machined grip areas these sabers are a dream to wield. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, the hilt is all one piece except for the threaded solid aluminum pommel. This makes for a saber that is very durable and can handle being put through the paces.

This saber has an extremely bright blade lit by the same LEDs found in much more expensive custom sabers. Ignited by a flushmount blue illuminated anti-vandal switch and illuminated by a vibrant blue 3W High Powered LED! It is Ultrabright and extremely even! Our Vader's Vault removable dual diffused 30" blade is provides an even light from hilt to tip, and eliminates the light in the tube effect.

A special gift
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