Star Wars Episode 1 Kit 4 Revenge From Mars w/Saber

Star Wars Episode One - Pinball 2000 - Conversion Kit

This kit converts a Revenge From Mars to a Star Wars Episode One Pinball. Not many of these kits around anymore. Great X-Mas present for your favorite pinball nut who already has a Revenge From Mars.

This kit is a NOS kit with a used playfield. Kit Kit Includes the following;

Original Shipping Box with Factory Packing

New Cabinet and Head Art



Shooter Rod

Manual, Conversion Instuctions & Folder

Prism Card Tool (Missing from Many Kits)

Playfield is used but has been shopped, cleaned and has new rubber. This playfield has been in my personal machine for a year and works great. Just found and added a working green saber with new transformer. Only difference from NOS is plastic tube that protects Neon buld is clear instaed of pale green. Has slight wear on the eject holes but better than most I have seen.


$150 Flat Rate Shipping VIA FEDERAL EXPRESS

This is easy shipping, you have nothing to do and nothing to worry about.

Buyer assumes all liability for damage once this kit leaves my possession but thats highly unlikely with the factory packaging.

Pinball 2000 is a simple modular design made for easy conversion. Just unhook
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