Star Wars Episode 1 bundle: figurines, Comm Talk reader and LightSaber BNIB

Calling all Star Wars Episode 1 fans! Here's a great value bundle that includes 10 figures, a CommTalk reader and three Double-Bladed LightSabres of different styles. All figures and CommTalk Reader are brand new sealed in their boxes, with minor wear on the odd box corner.
Figures include: Battle Droid - with Blaster Rifle (x2 of these) Jango Fett Anakin Skywalker - with Flight Simulator Darth Maul - with Cloak and Lightsaber Darth Maul - with Double-Bladed Lightsaber Jar Jar Binks - with Gungan Battle Staff Obi-Wan Kenobi - with LightSaber and Handle Qui-Gon Jinn - with LightSaber and Handle Anakin Skywalker - with Comlink Unit
The CommTalk Reader plays CommTalk chips so you can hear each figure speak.
NB: While these items are boxed and have never been opened, they were made in 1999, so I cannot guarantee that the CommTech chips all work (although I have no reason to doubt this). Some of these items were purchased in Spain so some boxes are in Spanish - see photos.
The Double-Bladed LightSabres are three different sizes / models. They are battery-powered and light up when the LightSabres are flicked out (at the touch of a button). As with the figures, they have never been used and I have never put batteries in, so am assuming they work fine.
These items are being sold as a bundle, not individually.
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