Star Wars Episode I - Life-sized 3-D Droideka Store promotional display prop

The item is a 3-D full-sized storedisplay ordered by the local Barnes & Noble but was never assembled. (The last three photos added are in higher definition.)

The displays were used to promote the sale of Star Wars related books by DK Publishing, released in conjunction with the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace. (May 1999)
Sheets are die-cut and scored for folding. Plastic thumbscrew fasteners still in the bag and unopened. I found no assembly instructions sheet inside the box, but tabs seem to be labeled well enough for direction. I've learned from a previous listing, that the completed display is supposedly 72" tall x 34" wide. I cannot be sure of this. I've seen other photos in which it appears a bit over 4 feet in height.

This item is Paper Engineered by Eric Ward for Advanced Graphics One, Warren L. Abbott producer.

Part no. 0-7894-4957-9
Very rare, no longer listed by the manufacturer. Virtually all of these were displayed for a while and then disposed of. I know of only one other offered currently for sale in Great Britain asking $ 300.00. (Another was sold in North Carolina for well over $ 100.00.)

Box measures 29" wide by 1.5" thick by 41" tall.
Weight is 21 lbs